Sandy Shores Counseling provides mental health services to support the wellbeing and personal growth of our clients. Our experienced and compassionate therapists create a safe, supportive environment where clients can explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Individual Therapy

Discover inner harmony and personal growth through individual therapy. Unlock your potential for peace and empowerment.

Couples Counseling

Navigating the complexities of relationships? Couples counseling can provide the tools and support to strengthen your bond.

Family Therapy

Family therapy helps families navigate challenges and strengthen relationships. We have therapists trained in Marriage and family therapy who can help you navigate the complexities of these relationships.

Child and Adolescent Therapy

At our practice, we also specialize in child and adolescent therapy, utilizing a variety of effective techniques including play therapy, sand trays, expressive therapy, and more. Our approach is designed to foster emotional expression, develop coping skills, and enhance emotional regulation for children and youth.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma therapy provides a safe space to process and heal from past experiences. Through guided techniques, individuals can develop coping strategies and find inner strength.

Anxiety and Depression

Discover effective strategies to manage anxiety and depression through personalized therapy sessions.

Rates and Insurance

Our current fees are as follows:
Initial Intake Appointment: $150
Individual Therapy Sessions: $140
Couples Therapy Sessions: $150

We are an in network with Blue Cross & Blue Shield, DMBA, EMI, Select Health, Aetna, PEHP. If you have an insurance that is out-of-network, you can be given a Super-bill for your sessions, which you may use to request reimbursement from your insurance company, and will include a diagnosis. Telephone consults less than 10 minutes are complementary if not overused. Phone sessions that last more than 10 minutes will be charged to the client directly. Phone sessions are the same cost as office sessions.

Payment is due at the time of service. Acceptable forms of payment are any major debit or credit card, as payment is required electronically. If fees for services are not paid in a reasonable amount of time, and attempts have been made to resolve the financial matter to no avail, a client account may be sent to a collection service.